What does ‘framed’ and ‘unframed’ mean?

What does ‘framed’ and ‘unframed’ mean?

The vast majority of artworks at Maliyaa are painted on linen or canvas and send unframed. The reason we send most of the artwork unframed is because it’s more safe to ship. Our advise is to stretch the artwork by a professional framer.


Some of the artworks we offer in our collection (most ochres) are already been framed over a wooden frame – there is no border around the artwork or glass in front of the piece. We think it’s the best way to display Australian Aboriginal Art.


We offer a professional framing service for all of our buyers, so if you want the artwork to be framed before sending we can stretch and string the artwork for you so it’s ready to hang on your wall. Our framing service is not expensive and because of our many years of experience as framers also top quality, and we’re not just saying that. So if you want the artwork to be framed before sending please let us know and we can give you an estimate of the framing and extra freight costs. Send the email to info@maliyaa.com and we will contact you asap with details.

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