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Are the artworks send framed?

All artworks are send unframed worldwide unless told otherwise on detail page artwork. If you want the artwork to be framed before sending, please contact us (send to info@maliyaa.com) so we can give you an estimate of framing and freight costs.

What does ‘framed’ and ‘unframed’ mean?

The vast majority of artworks at Maliyaa are painted on linen or canvas and send unframed. The reason we send most of the artwork unframed is because it’s more safe to ship. Our advise is to stretch the artwork by a professional framer.


Some of the artworks we offer in our collection (most ochres) are already been framed over a wooden frame – there is no border around the artwork or glass in front of the piece. We think it’s the best way to display Australian Aboriginal Art.


We offer a professional framing service for all of our buyers, so if you want the artwork to be framed before sending we can stretch and string the artwork for you so it’s ready to hang on your wall. Our framing service is not expensive and because of our many years of experience as framers also top quality, and we’re not just saying that. So if you want the artwork to be framed before sending please let us know and we can give you an estimate of the framing and extra freight costs. Send the email to info@maliyaa.com and we will contact you asap with details.

Can I have a hold, a reserve or option on an artwork?

If you are not completely sure you want an artwork, you may put a hold or an option on the artwork for a period of five days, to have time to consider your choice. If the gallery receives another offer to buy the artwork during that time, we will contact you to make a final decision. Exhibition items are exempt prior and during opening night.


So send your request with details about the artwork to info@maliyaa.com and we will reply asap.

Can I order an artwork from an artist on commission?

If you would like a particular artwork from an Aboriginal artist, it may be possible to commission the artist to create an artwork for you. Please contact us (info@maliyaa.com) to discuss your requirements and to see if a commission is possible.

I want to give art as a present but I don’t know what to choose. What can I do?

It’s a great idea to give art as a gift! However, it can be tricky to choose an artwork for another person, even if you know them well.
Instead give them a Gift Card for an amount of your choice. With each gift card, we offer one hour of personalised advice, to help them choose an artwork they’ll love.

Can I give a voucher as a gift?

We offer gift vouchers for purchase. All vouchers are non-redeemable for cash and are valid for 12 months from the date of purchase. How much you want on the voucher is up to you.

Why are some artworks on sale?

Our business and the artists we represent are both reliant on a constant cash flow from the sale of artworks. At times, artworks move slower than is necessary to provide the steady income stream needed by our Indigenous artists. As a result, we may select a number of works and discount them in order to generate the cash flow required.

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