Doing the right thing

Ethics & Authenticity

Maliyaa has been associated with Aboriginal Art for more than a decade and has strong connections with Aboriginal artists from around Australia and their culture. Being a member of the Aboriginal Art Association of Australia is our guarantee that all of Maliyaa’s artwork have been ethically sourced.

The artworks come with an Aboriginal Art Association certificate of authenticity and we guarantee fair payment to the artist. Purchasing artwork from Maliyaa is a guarantee that your artwork is authentic and ethical sourced. That means you are supporting the families, employment and the continued existence of the communities our artists come from so that they can help preserve a long and proud heritage. So purchasing art from Maliyaa not only provides you with a beautiful piece of artwork, it is also making sure we give Aboriginal Artists a platform so they can pass on this amazing culture for future generations.


All artworks from Maliyaa come with a certificate of authenticity, a biography of the artist, the story of the artwork and more information is available if required.

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