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About Us

What’s in a name

Maliyaa is our online gallery that will allow us to reach an international audience, giving us the opportunity to share our passion for Australian Aboriginal culture. On this platform visitors will be able to easily browse our extensive collection of Aboriginal Artworks, find the background stories of each work and really get to know the Artists.


Maliyaa the name

The name Maliyaa means friends in Gamilaraay (an Aboriginal language of northwestern New South Wales) and was given to us to signify the deepening relationship between two friends, an artist and her manager. Her family talked and provided this name to signify this friendship. Our dream is this name will represent our hope for more relationships with Aboriginal people and their overseas partners. This friendship has occurred over many years and it has always been our hope to have Aboriginal Artwork celebrated around the world. Being given an Aboriginal name was important to us as language is not only what makes each culture unique and special, but also allows us to see why it needs to be celebrated. This shared love of Aboriginal Art is signified to us in the name ‘Maliyaa’.

Our story

Thank you for your interest in Maliyaa. First, let us introduce ourselves.


Hallo and Hi, we are Danielle van Dam and Michel Arends from the Netherlands. During our many trips worldwide and especially to Australia we got inspired by Indigenous art and culture. Starting as a small gallery in Rotterdam in 2007 we can now proudly say we are a specialist in Aboriginal Art with connections to more than 50 artists working around Australia. We also collaborate with some of the best Art Centers in Australia. With our many years of experience we choose our collection with great care and knowledge. Our goal is to bring great Aboriginal Art into people’s lives.
For us the connection with Indigenous people and their country is an important part of our lives and business. Because of the many relationships we have built, over more than a decade, we have learnt and are still learning so much about this amazing culture.


With all our years of experience we were ready to take the next step. 2020 was a year with many changes in the world and also for us. We decided to move to Andalucia, Spain and found a property in the beautiful area of Malaga. The area, and especially the colours, reminds us of Australia.


Sometimes radical change is needed to grow as a business. Maliyaa is now our worldwide online platform in Australian Aboriginal Art. For us to stay focused we need to continually evolve and re-invent ourselves in the way we reach out to people. Maliyaa represent that change for us.


In an inspiring surrounding we are building our new life with, besides Maliyaa, a small ‘casita’ apartment in an Australian setting. This way the two worlds collide.


We invite you to explore our colourful collection, embrace this beautiful culture and be inspired by the works of these talented artists.


Welcome to our online gallery and enjoy!

Our partners

Aboriginal Art Amsterdam opened the gallery in 2020, but the owners have been collectors since 1999. Over the last 20 years they have build a significant collection of artworks from the Central Desert, especially from the Utopia region. In 2013 Maliyaa started to collaborate with them and Aboriginal Art Amsterdam has now a huge collection of Maliyaa’s art and artists represented in their gallery in Ouderkerk aan de Amstel.


We at Maliyaa are proud to work and collaborate with such a devoted gallery and can absoluty recommend a visit.

The Aboriginal Art Association of Australia serves and represents artists, individuals and organisations that produce, promote, protect or support Aboriginal art and the cultures that create and nurture that art.

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