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Gunbalanya, West Arnhem Land

Injalak Arts is located in the small community of Gunbalanya in West Arnhem Land. Gunbalanya has a population of around 1200, of which around 90% are bininj or Aboriginal people.

The traditional owners of Gunbalanya is the Gumurdul family who allow Injalak to operate on their land and are actively supportive of the art centre. The other Indigenous residents have their country estates throughout West Arnhem Land. Injalak Arts plays an important role within the community with multiple roles as: a social enterprise that generates livelihoods for local people; a charity; a social hub and one of only two fully-Indigenous governed and continuously operating organisations in the town. The sale of arts and crafts is an important source of self-generated income for many people. The production of arts and crafts also involves a mentorship system for many young people into aspects of bininj culture. Injalak supports many community activities, including cultural events such as ceremonies and funerals as well as helping organise public events such as the Stone Country Festival.

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