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Clifton Jungurrayi Bieundurry

Clifton Jungurrayi Bieundurry




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Western Australia

Clifton Jungurrayi Bieundurry is a Walmajarri artist from the central Kimberley. Clifton uses his distinctive mix of acrylic paint and ochre on handmade paper, linen and canvas to achieve his striking contemporary representations of his ancestral country, as well as telling stories of social justice issues confronting his people.

“…I feel there is a gap in interpreting Aboriginal culture, the contemporary and the ancient, to the outside world. I paint to fill that gap so that translation is clear and understood; not only by non-Indigenous people but also by Indigenous people themselves. So much melding of cultures and introduction of non-traditional influences has left contemporary Indigenous people with a surface understanding of the ‘true’ Aboriginal culture, I paint to share my knowledge of my Culture’s strength, respect, purity and honour so that it can be admired and inspire Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people alike.”

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