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New exhibition


Because of the Covid-19 situation we have no exhibitions planned, but please check our ‘New Arrivals’ to see the lastest artworks.


Our latest exhibition:
The Night Sky – solo-exhibition Athena Nangala Granites from Warlukurlangu Artists.


In this new solo-exhibition  ‘The Night Sky’ Athena will show the story of the Pleiades and the Morning Star. It tells the age-old story of the seven Napaljarri sisters being chased by the wrong skin, lustful Jagamarra man.  Athena is the granddaughter of the late Alma Nungarrayi Granites who was renowned for her night sky paintings. An amazing collection of artworks from a young rising artistic star from Yuendumu.


Exhibition starts on the 28th of February and runs till the 29th of March.



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